Churning. Apart from the butter making process, means to stir or shake up.

Something Pecky Cox has been doing since 2007 with her website, As The Lake Churns.  A site designed to inform about the happenings of the lake, the land and the people.

One of the first things I noticed about our lake was the most up-to-date communication device was the laundromat bulletin board,” Cox said. “Unless you relied upon word of mouth or telephone you were totally left out of the loop of what is really happening at Priest Lake.”

Pecky´s love for the lake began during her first visit in 1977.  She would come to visit her brother Tony who attended Priest River Lamana High School as a foreign exchange student, living with the Deinharth family during the school year and Dean Stevens at Granite Creek Marina during the summer.

Her appreciation for the area was as strong as her love for the people.  Befriending the Stevens´ daughter, Melissa, and continuing to refer to Dean as “Dad” even today. 

Prior to meeting her husband Fred through a love of golf, Pecky lived a lavish lifestyle traveling the world while enjoying cooks, maids, drivers and gardeners.  As soon as she showed up in August 2003, she would realize her days of weekly manicures were over as Fred would have a chainsaw in her hand by fall.

I was asked once by a Washington newspaper how I felt about Priest Lake and I said, ‘Maybe I died and went to heaven and didn´t notice,’ and that is why I´m here.”

With the age of technology where it is today Pecky quickly found the current means of information sharing at the lake inexcusable.

The idea of As The Lake Churns website came about to fill the need and also provide a place for her to display her photography, something she would soon be known for nationally.  

Cox proved to be as dedicated to her country as she is to her lake when on June 17, 2008, she would raise her right hand and say the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time as a citizen of the United States.  Something she was not required to do with a green card good for life, but chose to do in order to join in honoring our country.


- Priest River Times

You can also find Pecky's work all over social media.