Priest Lake, Idaho - November 2021.

A group of concerned Priest Lake residents and landowners has banded together in response to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's controversial plan to drain water from Priest Lake through a massive siphon. The proposed multi-million-dollar project would install a five-foot diameter pipeline, spanning thousands of feet, to reach the depths of the lake, where it could discharge millions of gallons of water a day into Priest River, in an attempt to lower river temperatures to improve its fishery.

The Committee to Stop the Priest Lake Siphon was organized to protect the lake from being permanently damaged by the proposed siphon. Concerns raised by the group include the negative impact to recreation, the local economy, lake fishing, and to property values. Fluctuating water levels and the diversion of the natural flow of water increase the potential for degrading the lake’s water quality and increasing the likelihood for toxic algae blooms. Outreach efforts are underway with area legislators, government agencies,

and the Governor's office.

The Committee proposes that the Department of Fish and Game more fully explore other alternatives for improving fishing in Priest River, some of which have already been identified by an agency engineering study. "Other options have the potential to provide cooling impacts to Priest River and support the fishery without taking water directly from Priest Lake and jeopardizing the health of Priest Lake," said Committee member, Fred Enlow.

The group has set a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the matter and hear from concerned citizens at 2:00 pm on Saturday, December 4. The gathering will be held at

Priest Lake Elementary School,

27732 Highway 57.



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Temperature Gradients are THE most powerful driver of circulation in the lake. It has taken centuries (literally) for the lake to reach equilibrium, to satisfy the deep-dwelling fish and the 'few' surface dwellers.
The fact that the deepest part of the lake is left untouched is
paramount for the rest of the thermal cycle, over ALL the seasons.
To experiment with a man-made disruption of this cycle, at its very heart (the very DEEP) is a total unknown. There is no way to 'study' or approach the anticipated & UNanticipated changes because the 'experiment' is NOT reversible.
This is NOT selfishness on the part of 'lake dwellers', but part of the very foundation of 'toying with nature'....