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Keeping it Pristine


We are an informal community of people who LOVE Priest Lake and who wish to keep it "pristine"  and free of the careless dropped articles and materials. 


The  Priest Lake Task Force - has no meetings and certainly no dues. The only requirement is that you agree (becoming a member) to be sensitive to trash and pollution and agree to make an effort in removing it even if it means walking a few feet, or even a swim.

If you can't move it send location details to with a picture if possible -  we will try to find a neighbor (Task Force Member) in the area who can.  

There is no formal organization on either side of the lake responsible for this, but with all of us making a small effort every time we can, we will make a meaningful impact and see the changes.. as the lake churns.

Priest Lake Task Force Members

Fred and Pecky Cox, Jim Kane, Hill Family, Carrie Kowalik, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cox III, Kim and Margie Impecoven, Enlow Family, Dakota Smith, Judy, and Dean Showers, Ryan T. Porter, Allan and Jaci Songstad, Stacey and Ed Strong, Carrie and Scott Kitcher, Joe and Gina Blanke, Jim Brown, Gary and Jennifer Price, Doug and Annell Kuelpman, Deidre and Todd Cole, Mike Nielsen, Scott Clark, Jodie Pugsley, Pryor Family, Jenneth Pryor, Gerry and Valori Steinauer, Ty Pryor, Tom and Joyce George, Kelly and Patti Pryor, Byron Buck, The Holts (and Holts guests), "Grandpa Bob's Whaler", Pat and Sue Kautzman. Jim Kane. Donahoe Family, Pam and Kerry Novell. Don and Elaine Widman, Mike and Carol Rydbom, The Siebert Family, Steve and Julie Rice, Bruce and Debbi Anderson (and Guests), Kathleen Lamanna, Walt and Chris Caverly,  Glenn and Cheryl Bowers, Amy Adams, Mario Romero, Dennis and N J Hanson, Ron and Judi Campbell, Mike and Tracie Szybnski, Kammy Cox, Cliff Little, Tony Gomez, Dan and Kari Davis, Frank and Barb O'Neill, Pancho Landa, JP, Mike Belles, Jim Fish, Bob, Jim and Lori McReynolds, Rick and Shannon Lyman Family, Jim and Joyce Wills "Big Red", George and Barbara Manos, The Spens Family, Nancy Bettesworth, Jim Brown, The Connollys, Russ Brown, Susanna Rose, Bob & Shana Gilrein, Kevin Van Deventer, The Peplinskis, Dick Way, Sharon Richardson, Bob and Cheryl Ekler, Renée Winebarger, Lori Barnes, Johnston Family, Elkins Family, Patty and J.B. Romero, Steve and Nancy Kellner,  Dan and Tina Shull, Butch Bockmier, John and Kim Dickson, Thomas Pell, Bob and Susan Perrett, Hoagland's "Overtime", Mike & Rosemarie Arland, Bob and Audrey Anderson, Kent Anderson, Kara Anderson,  Mark Anderson, Carl Anderson, Krista Anderson, Alana Anderson, Dan and Barbara Mainord, Marita Mc Donough, David Scoggins, Vicky Hollars, David Scoggins Jr., Brittane Scoggins, Jan Bailey, Alida King, Fred and Kathleen Keller, Gil and Beth Miller, Ingo and Ully Schiller, Don Barbieri and Sharon Smith, Michael and Alexis Nesvick, Hank and Charlotte Jones, Tom and Eileen Barbieri, Benzo Family, Glenda Gil and Shari Tumey, David Hunt, Dick McDougall "Coyote", Don Cordes, Susan and Ralph Fulp, The Martins, Loyce Akers, Rod Hoover, Sherrie Mayer, Dave Richter, The Hoisington Family, their guests Rosalia Bay, "Thor", The Holts, Jeff and Lori Berglund, Floyd Holmes Family, Absalonson Family, Danny Bowling, Priest Lake Excursions, Brad Bluemer, Jerry Sodorff, John and Lori Moloney, David Summers, Alan and Dotti Lewis, Jim and Sally Clouse, Pend Oreille Basin Commission, Nat Louik and Brandee Rose-Louik, Kelly Corbin, Lani Meek, Annette Gilbert, Ryder Chronic, David Mc Roberts, Jan Mc Roberts, Lulu Mc Roberts, Ron Hoover, Bob and Lynne Pryor, Rick and Zee Altizer, Buzzie & Crissie Welch, Shannon Welch, DB Collings, Brian and Melissa Elkins, Dobson Family, Brian and Wendy Stauffacher, "Mack Attack" Andy Roberts, Jeff and Rachal Milford, Jim Luby Shirley, Jean Francis and ROXIE, Matt and Barb Miller, Stan and Peggy Belitz, Bob Knott, Peter and Donna Bock, Phil and Jan Hudson, John and Bobbie Sahr, Denny and Kathy Rainey, Paul and Neice Schafer, Bov and Vel Babbit, Amy Mc Donald Roberts/Swanson/Kennedy/Wolfe Families of Poor Bastard's Bay, Brad and Carolyn Oakes, Tim and Lynn Sebert, Stan and Peggy Belitz, Larry, Kathleen & Katlyn Wendlandt-Villain, Paul & Tiffani Smith, Mike and Vicky Craigen, Thom & Mary Stark, Bill and Jan Gabrio, Larry,Kathleen & Kaitlyn Wendlandt-Villain, Ross McIvor, Glen Campbell, Dean & Diane Sonnenberg, Scott Strongin, Ron and Pat Hardin, Peter Bock, Scott Zellers, Stacy McIvor, Jennifer Lehn & Tom Wakeley, Steve Blake, Paul Pizelo Family, Sheila Dunlop, Reg, Chance, Faith and Joy Unterseher, The Secrest Family, Rick and Diane Thomas, Elizabeth Peyton & Ryan Rudkin, Kennedy Family, Dave & Paula Wilson, Jim and Dory Miller, Tom and Margrethe Farr, Pam Ness, Moss Family, Autumn Kennedy, Ron and Marcia Yep, Dawn, Raychel and Ciarra Workman, Stuart and Sarah Hargreaves, Graham, Kerri Josh and Casey Hutchinson, Renee and Scott Fry, Ballo and Family, Larry and Sherri Kull, Matt, Heather, Scott and Eric Allen Chantel, Jonathan & Zoe Deitz-Brown, The Ossello Family, Dan C. Doughty, Andy and Tammy Walker, Stacia Bockmier, Bob and Shana Gilrein, Wendy Raincloud, Klauk Mark & Suz Holm, Lexie & Bella, Kelli Manos, Leslie Thompson, Nick Pontarolo, David and Jill Cobb, Kevin Hampton, Brian & Kathy Fair, Sara Thomas, Eric Thomas, Candace, Phil, Quinton, Braxton and Caitlynn Ruetsch, Larisa Stark, Jennifer Williams and family, Cathy Schnug, Kevin Crowe, Matthew Miller, Kate Lucas, Rob and Michele Roderick, Katie Dugan, Kay Williams, Briana Kerley, Jeffrey Thomas & Family in memory of Clide & Olivia Omstead, Larinda Cook, Misty Crisp, Mike and Roberta Williams Family, Mike, Karen, Tim and Will French, The Bockmiers, Pag, Gina and Colleen Cadagan, Ron and Jan Erickson, The Karschney Family, Gene and Sandy Ralston, Tamara Hedin, Susan Allen/Leinan, Jill Cobb, Sandy Lessard, Dawson Dick, Shannon, Luke, Mark, & Nick Millar, Lyle and Cleta Amsden, Susan Beard, Tyler Wilson, Diane Maas, Larry Bryant, Tom Anderson, Erin McKindree, Jay, Steph, Christian and Wen Suko James, Lily, and Henry Atwood, Dick, Shannon, Luke, Mark, and Nick Millar, Sky and Staci Mickelson, The Connolly Family, Sandy McQuarrie, MJ Bryant, Klaire and Jim Powers, Travis and Dori Brown, Larry and Christine Bryant, Don and Elaine Widman, Tyler Wilson, Diane Mass, Larry and Christine Bryant, Tom and Cindi Anderson, Bill and Margie Walter, Tom, Anne & Kali Weitz, Mike & Em Sandau, Jim & Eileen Dunn, Ken and Steph Eldore, Todd Clark & Denise Simmons, American Tree Service, Bill & Pati Dixon, The Potesky Family (Jeff, Shelly, Michael & Matthew), Ed and Mary Porter, Rich & Barb Benscoter, Willy and Michelle Green, Kim and Karen MacDuff, Jason Moffitt, Dan and Janel Chappell, Gil Tumey, Paul and Neice Schafer, The Powers Girls (Hayden, Ellie, and Libby), Kim and Roger Lindsay, Randy and Janet McNeice, Ron and Mary Taylor, Joanie Hansen, Karen Dingerson, Phil and Sherry Reiff, Chuck and Ann Thomas and Family, Trevor, Angie, Amanda and Taylor Magney, Jane Walter and Family, Matt and Joan Howarth, Frank Ross, Peter and Donna Bock, Scott and Vicky Jones, The Spangenberg's at Hanksville, Sonja Maloney, Michelle Bockmier, Debi Votava, Steve Badraun, Joel and Karen Spencer, "The Shelf", Mike and Denise Wodelman, Rob and Alicia Young, Carlene Peterson, Mark and Becky Palmer, Charlotte Jones, Hank Jones, Mike and Denise Elder, Alisha and Ronna Kilgore, Brenda Fairburn, Don Fairburn, Linda Lysne, MJ Van Winkle, Cheri Hill & Boys, Mike and Dena Sodergren, Neil Williams, Dana Lemberg, Thompson Margaret Petersen, Keith and Joyce Wilkens, Holly Hollingsworth, Brian Macduff, Scott & Tami Kendall, Michael Dye, Sarah Thomas, Peggy Smith, Rick & Margaret Walther, Jacqui Halvorson, Pat Smolich, Robb McIvor, Cherie Moss, Dani Mierz, John and Dawn shuster, Kevin Peterson, Kelly Christopherson, Mary and Wally Driscoll, Bill & Pati Dixon, Matt Pope, Chad Burchard, Robb McIvor, Nott Family, Bob and Martha Wright, Cat Sansotta, Mike & Shelly Henderson, Fred Williams, Ron and Jan Erickson, John Allison, Troy Gilbert, Howard Martinson, John & Tanna St.Marie, Ryan Lund, Suzan Martignetti, Dave & Janny Axelson, Brian & Pam McInerney, Bob & Sandy Mansfield, Jon Muralt, Bob Burns, Scott and Vicki Jones, Warren and Laury Byxbee, Robb and Kim Heinrich, Ray Rogers, Gail Kowall, Mike and Marcia Loft, Debbie Butler, Sue & Bob Rasmussen, Katelynne Mierz, Charlie Murch, The Murphy Family, Bob Gilrein, Sherry Lee, Robb McIvor, Staci Mickelson, Jeff Benesch, Lia and Tony Marrazzo, Alex Meade, Mark and Michele Finley, Charlie Murch, Bill Dode, Rick & Kris Buttice, Linda Lubig, Chris Hrycenko, Erin Fanazick, Janell Holycross, Betsy Vance, Jacque Rogers, Kathy Amistoso, Steve Dryden, Sandra Dodge, Bill Dodge, Keith and Joyce Wilkens, Chelsey Bacon, Annie Morgan, Ged Randal, Susan and Ray Foster, Carl/Dennie Crowe, Rob and Deb McWilliams, Stacy Perry, Peggy Estey, Larson Family, Todd White Valerie & Todd Henry, John & Bobbie Sahr, Carmen Bradbury, Sterling Polello, Kathleen Proud & Ryan Terheggen, Chuck & Judy Willits, Sue & Bob Rasmussen, Lisa Claar, Pamela McInerne, Kyle Perrett, Mary Correll, Ed Renouard, Mark Holm, Suzanne Holm, Ted and Kathy Vancil, JB Romero, Phil & Tina Oiness, Holly Hollingsworth, Bill & Wanda Podobnik, Kelli Manos, Staci Mickelson, Linda Gjording, Julie Heiskell, Doug Heiskell, George and Mary Beth Nethercutt, Jeni Fulford, Kris Kackman, Mike Dobson, Patty Crowe McGinnis, Betsy Miller, Melissa Quilter, Karen Lemburg Cunningham, Tanna Belitz, Dand and Lisa Phelps, Randy & Janeen Battan, Tyler Holman, Jeff and Stacey McClellan, Tami Ness, Judy Bettenhausen, Mike and Cathy Marshall, Pat & Joan O'Connor, Jerry and Judy Zweifel, Scott Lewis, Steve Kowalik, Steve & Millie Hill, Robin Cobb, Mike & Dena Sodergren, Roger Crawford, Lolly Moss, Robyn McGinnity, Connie Johnson, Lynn Garner, Sherri Osborne, Karen Dingerson, Kevin Schafer, Tim Mayer, LaKay Bergin, Kellie VanBrunt, Steve Luby, Allan McEachern, John and Brooke Hosheit, June Bardsley, Robert Delsman, Bruce Kirschner, Victoria Smith & Family, Kaari Burrows Davies, Charles & Shelly Kearny, Butch Berge, Chris and Sue Daniewicz, Scott & Patty Engle, Carl Dennie Crowe, Curtis and Kimberly Headrick, Lori & Mike Hogan, Lisa Knipp, Kit Ellingwood, Cindy Berge, Jolene Barrington, Linda Near Heather Paris, The Mounsey Family, Valerie Meeker, Jo Crosby, Rolf Paulson, Rawlings/Crawford Families, Cliff Myers, LaLoni Myers, Terry Bone, Daddy Deems, Steve & Barbara Stoyanac, Dan Chappell, Janell Chappell, Kerry Cavanaugh and family, Bruce & Laurie Berg, John Crowley, Jack Robinson, Lori Hogan & Family, Hennessy Family, Kari Hennessy, Shannon Dickenson, Jenny Seaman, Kelly Loos Cadagan Family, Maggie Drummond, Brendan Wood, Martha and Bob Wright, Steve and Nancy Chappell, Mike Curran, Jeff and Tina Lesser, Kamian Dowd, Eric Peterson, Jeff and Tina Lesser, Eric & Michelle Peterson, Smith & Spencer Families, Christian & Melinda Boone, Ryan Anderson, Brian Soots, Linda Wolcott, Mathew Lawrence, Jo Crosby, Dave & Paula Wilson, Eric Peterson, Nancy Spencer, Eric & Michelle Peterson, Marcia Warren, Nancy Bushman, Worthington Family, Alan Job, Jody Delaney, Chuck Jedlicka, Bob Faulkner, Jeff & Cindy Dearing, Jim Hinz, Debra Halcro, Kathy Thiele, Howarth Family, Robin Knott, Penny Landa, Barbara Taylor, Jenny Seaman, Bob & Joan Casey, Tara Jolene Barrington, Lon Southard, Maggie Drummond, Marcia Warren, Heidi Kopf, Sheryl Oien, VanKoten Family, Doug & Mary True, Jon Lehmann, Kristen and Dick Winn, Lance von Marbod, Jan and Phil Hudson, Steve Stenberg, Dana Branim, Jill Pittmann, Mark Mayers, Joyce Crosby, Schi-ada Herleikson, Michelle Giddens, Barb Conboy, Robs Gregory, Eileen Christenson, Evelyn Naccarato, David & Holly Patton, Karschney Family, Brian and Murlaine Steckler, Bill & Kathy Neumayer, Lisa Kaltenbaugh, Orie Kaltenbaugh, Chuck and Mary Bauer, Kyland Stevens, Dickie McDougall, Don and Kris Howell, Ed & Nan Naranjo, Lorey Maurer, Mary and Wally Driscoll, Dave Helsby, Louie and Pegi Hill, Kyle and Amanda Jones, Kim and Rod Williams, Lloyd Claycomb, Keith and Holly Hanson, Sandra Murray, Kenneth Leder, Kris Lindeblad and Corey Blaisdell, Sandra Murray, Dave Helsby, Doni Guyer, Mary and Wally Driscoll, Kevin and Leah Lease, Keith and Holly Hanson, Kim and Rod Williams, Louie and Pegi Hill, Michael & Stephanie Lyons, Bru and Connie Mc Martin, Peggy Wood, Bill Brodersen, Tom and Kathleen Gallagher, Stephanie Cooper, Debbie Anderson, Bob and Alice Anderson, Tony and Marie Rizzuto, Ray and Sue Foster and Family, Ray and Sue Foster and Family, Kris & Kelly Hord, Linda, and Gary Christopherson, Barb Conboy, Bud and Bernie Moore, Keith Currie, Ellee and Warren Spangenberg, Sue Sederstrom, Cass Stejer, Cheryl Ambrozic, Bill Brodersen, Michelle Mauzy, Vickie Grewe, Jackie McNeice, Matt and Amy Rudolf, Pat and Robin Rickey, Tom Clevenger, Sheehan Clan, Kellie Anderson, Dave and Therese Schmarr, Tom & Cecelia Considine, Josh Lubig, Greg and Kimberly DeWitte, Nick and Becky Oltean, Margaret Thomson, Jim & Joanne Socci, Carrie Henderson, Jennifer Watts and Jan Boll, Huff Family, Joelle Neiwert, Linda Wolcott, Trish & Tim Borg, Wes and Leah McClain, Burton and Debbie Dickerson, Cheri Ameche, Cheryl Miller, Michele Troxel and Ron Hubble, Kara and Shawn Williams, Peter Glass, Dave & Robin Hargreaves, Scott Donahoe, Gary & Ann Schmick, Ashleigh Stracke, Ethel Reichert, Jan Tewel, Teresa Low Sauther, Frank and Carolyn Walchak, Kim Dewitte, Math and Trinity Spencer, Eleanor Jones, Kelli Manos, Matthew and Jenifer Eberle, Joy and Gary Cline, Melissa Lewis, Peggy Wood, Jenny Watts, Bryan and Emily Anderson, Lance and Cynthia Muncey, Chris Brickel, Erin Discoll Diedrick, The Pancheri Family, Susand French and Family, Jerry and Judy Mertens, Karen Agars, Heidi and Diane Mains, The Byrd Family, Pam and Jay Ames, Linda Feighner, LaRue and Rodenbough Families, Julie Johnson, Ron and Pat Hardin, Mary and Steve Luby, Dave Tewel, Bill and Kathy Wagner, Manlowe Family, Mike and Gail Orendorff, Chris Orendorff and Hayley Lawrence, Shawna Orendorff and Riley Flesher, Jonathan and Michele Staben, Mike Roberts, George and Karen Momany.

Sandy N Dana Dawson, Kathy Lessard, Tonie Stevens, Jeff and Jan Chapman, Donna Shanaman

Updated Apr 22, 2023

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