Photo October 23, 2019.

My grandfather smoked cigars and drank whiskey with Leonard Paul on the docks of Bishop’s Marina. I remember Leonard handing me the mail in the store. My older brother and sister and cousins went to Saturday night dances upstairs while we “youngins” danced to records on the Victrola at our cabin on Hunt Creek. Jim Roberts would load our groceries into his WWII Jeep, drive us down to the dock, put the groceries into a wheelbarrow and wheel it down to our boat and load it. 
Nicest people EVER. 
How sad it sits empty. If I knew anything about running a business, I would take it over in a heartbeat.  
My soul resides at Priest Lake, no matter where in the world I am. -E. Poole

Yes indeed. I actually got to meet Leonard Paul when I was a kid. I think I was going into the second grade. He gave me an empty cigar box for my pencils and crayons. -D. David

I worked lenord paul jim and his daughter jr year summer break we got everybody to dance friday and saturday nights up stairs buch slaughter was gas jokey bishops marina. -W. Whittle

So many memories, of both grandpa Paul at the store and my aunt and uncle running it. All the stories my mom told me about dances upstairs. I may not live at the lake but my heart lives there. -J. Galbreaith-Willoughby

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