Sure miss that place. Ride up in your boat for some broasted chicken and jo jos for your continued trip in paradise listening to Brooks and Dunn and drinking much too much! Great times!

-Andy McLeod

So many great memories camping there , our boys fishing from the dock and hours of pool . Best memories ever.

-LaKay Bergin

When my parents were in high school in the late 60's, they held a dance in that boathouse pictured here. They went to Newport High School.

I worked there in the mid 90's as a waitress and my mother as a cook. I stayed in the mini cabins without a bathroom or shower. We saved our change to take showers at the RV campground.

My sister was married at the lake in 1998 and had her reception there. My mother made all the food in the restaurant kitchen and Doc Neil's band played.

I have so many fond memories of Kaniksu. I met my best friend there and some of the most important people in my life. It was also my first real job (besides Priest Lake Lumber) LOL! I am grateful to have such wonderful memories!

-Cheyanne Bradbury

Good old days. My brother ran it in the 1980's I worked at the resort. Sam Roe used to have the band and Lows came down and listened to him from his resort up the road a little ways. Fun times.

-Crystal Shirey

My parents and grandparents dancing in the Kaniksu bar and us kids dancing in the boathouse . The boat house actually swayed.

-Lucinda Carroll