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March 2, 2021 - Recently, the Idaho Water Resource Board decided to postpone current construction at Outlet Dam on Priest Lake/River and will finalize work next fall/winter. Outlet Dam will operate normally this coming recreational season maintaining typical summer lake levels. The construction timeline extension delays the opportunity to manage the lake level utilizing the planned 6 inch risers. If you have any questions, you can direct them to northerninfo@idwr.idaho.gov.

Molly McCahon

Lakes Commission

Executive Director

BCDB: The Idaho Water Resource Board has decided to postpone construction for the Priest Lake Outlet Dam.

The decision was made in large part due to safety concerns, as heightened water levels in the spring could risk breaking the dam and endanger workers, said Doug Jones, Idaho Water Resource Board northern regional manager. Another factor considered was construction delays that neither the IDWR nor the contractor had anticipated.

Some of those delays were due to COVID-19 impacting not only construction on-site, but the contractor’s ability to procure materials, some custom-made, Jones said.

The work, which is being done by Strider Construction, will be finalized next fall and winter, according to an email from Molly McCahon, Lakes Commission executive director.

Construction workers have already completed a new and improved thoroughfare to approach upper Priest Lake, Jones said. Now there’s just the work on the dam to be completed. -BONNER COUNTY DAILY BEE read more...