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Photo © Pecky Cox

April 12, 2022.

I am entrusting you, as the undisputed Voice of Priest Lake, to help get this treasured artifact safely delivered to the Priest Lake Museum.

This is the genuine Tyee nameplate, painted on one of the Tyee’s original hull boards, and I’m told it was salvaged from the sunken wreck some 40 years ago. I believe historical photos will verify the date it went missing. Today, little remains of the old wreck laying on the bottom of the lake at Mosquito Bay, so it seems appropriate that it’s identity will remain intact for posterity.

A close friend was entrusted with this nameplate when the salvager was on his deathbed, and it was that person’s wish that this would be delivered to the Priest Lake Museum so all could enjoy a piece of Priest Lake’s rich history of the early delivery boats….The iconic Tyee!

Thank you for helping with this treasure, Pecky, and for the many other things you do to keep Priest Lakers relevant and informed. Tyee/photo collection

UPDATE May 3, 2022

Delivered to Kim Impecoven / Priest Lake Museum Board Member

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