My family like so many others looked forward to stopping and getting burgers and shakes on the way to a fun day at the upper lake in the 60s.

My favorite memory is when my moms' cousin ( a wheat farmer from the Palouse)

brought his big cabin cruiser up to visit us. He had a c.b. Radio that we thought was so cool. He used it to to call ahead to the Drift Inn to put in a lunch order for all of us. We were really amazed and when we arrived, sure enough lunch was ready for our whole boat crew!

- Ty Pryor and family - Neopit tract

The Drift Inn was run by Jan Elkins and RD Smith until his death in the late 60s. Jan was daughter to Ike and Sue Elkins. After RD died she married Orville Bailey and developed Sandpiper Shores. Jan was warm and had an inimitable laugh.

- Susan Short

Jan was one very special gal! Her laugh was just the best. The burgers were wonderful. She was also known for her huckleberry pies. - Margrethe Husom Farr

The cinnamon rolls.... we would stop for breakfast on our way to the Upper Lake from the Neopit area shoreline in the 60s and early 70s. - Cheryl Moody

We used to stop for a burger every time we went to the upper lake. Jan was always excited for news and a chat with my mom. -Sherri Walker Kull

A hamburger and a milkshake at the Drift Inn was a big treat. Remember her on the cb radio giving the wind report for the North end of the lake. -Lucinda Carroll

Drift Inn, our Dad’s would stop there & buy us burgers, fries & shakes. A wonderful memory, I think Jan Bailey was the owner.

-Pam Ness

Back in the 6O’s we would swim across the thoroughfare to get a burger. I remember having to burn off the leeches after the swim. -Tom Peck Ohhh...wonderful memory with my family, Dad always stopped at The Drift On In when he took our family to the Upper Lake. -Karen Guthrie-Mehlert This is the Drift Inn at the thoroughfare. It was home and hamburger/ milkshake boat-in owned by Jan (Elkins)and Orville Bailey. Jan was a daughter of Ike and Sue Elkins who established Elkins Resort. Jan just passed away a few years ago and was a much loved friend of many. Jan and Orville developed what is now Sandpiper Shores on the north side of the thoroughfare. My parents bought one of the lots in 1968 and it is still in our family. - Martha Hurd

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