(from two random guys who dig them)

This one is personal. It begins with a story...

It all started several decades ago at a little bar in a remote area of northern Idaho near Priest Lake, where on a few warm summer nights, in air perfumed by pine trees, lake breezes and huckleberries, a little boy about seven years old or so would sit outside a window by the stage, looking in, mesmerized by an incredible band. He'd tap his feet to their rhythm, fist pump when they played his favorite songs, learn the words, study the dancers moving to their beat and bask in moment after moment of what seemed like a perfect (and very adult) harmony of music, humanity and nature.

These moments and especially those beautiful songs would grow to become part of the soulful foundation of not just that boy's musical life, but a big influence on one of his best friends' as well. That boy was Bryan Daisley. Jack Parker is the friend. And the band...

They were called Trapper Creek.

And they had absolutely no idea how much we cared. Time to change that.

Over the next few months, we're going to slowly introduce you and pay tribute to the music of this band--and especially songwriter and singer Mike Wagoner--that made music worthy of a much larger audience. We hope you enjoy the songs, share them widely if you do and help build the audience their music deserves. If you're a musician, we hope you start playing them. This project is all about saying thanks to one of our inspirations.

-Bryan & Jack View more...