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The 23-24 Groomer and Snowmobile Season will be a year to remember. Certainly nothing we wish to repeat anytime soon, but it was what it was.

Our season started late due to a lack of snow, then came warm weather and rain, extreme cold temperatures, again warm weather and rain, snow here and there and near the end of our grooming season some rewarding snow.

Despite all of the curve balls from Mother Nature, we were able to do as much grooming as the weather permitted. The end result, we ran our groomers less than half of what we would do in a normal year. Last season we were above average.

Even though it was not a remarkable year, I wish to recognize the dedicated Groomer Team for all their work in making grooming possible. My special recognition and appreciation go to our Groomer Operators Sam and Laurie and also our alternate Operators Keith and Dave. Thanks also to our Board Members that plan, maintain and repair the Groomer as needed during the season.

I also want to thank our snowmobile community and our business community for your continued support. Without all of you and our Groomer team, we would not be able to provide the great snowmobile experiences here at Priest Lake.

As we now move into the off-season, the Groomer Board has several activities we will be doing this spring, summer and fall. The usual is doing planned maintenance on our grooming equipment.  Additionally, we intend to complete the expansion of our groomer facility at Nordman and we hope to construct our proposed snowmobile parking area north of Lion Creek.

Funding is always important to allow us to make improvements that benefit our snowmobile activities. This summer we will be involved in two events providing financial support. The first will be the Crown Jewel Music Festival on June 15th, view HERE - benefitting the Priest Lake Ambulance and the Groomer Advisory Board. The second, our Annual Priest Lake Classic Golf Tournament will be held the middle of July at the Priest Lake Golf Course. We hope that you will be able to support these fund-raising events.

For further updates from our Groomer Advisory Board go to and follow our Facebook Page courtesy of "As the Lake Churns"

Thank you again for your support. Happy Trails to you,

Larry Bryant, Chairman Priest Lake Groomer Advisory Board


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