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Project Phase 4: Construction Improvements

The work of Phase 4 includes the construction of both the Outlet Thorofare and the Priest Lake Outlet Dam.  The Outlet Thorofare was successfully completed during the 2020/2021 winter and accomplished the project goal of creating an impervious sediment retention feature for the breakwater structure and dredging of the silted-in channel.

Construction of the Priest Lake Outlet Dam begin in November 2020 and was partially completed.  Outle Dam improvements successfully completed included extension of the dam gate height six inches.  Other aspects of the Outlet Dam were partially completed including concrete and armor stone apron extensions.  Challenges during construction led to severing the construction contract between IWRB and the contractor. 

Construction documents have been updated to reflect current dam conditions and the IWRB intends to bid for the construction improvements to the Priest Lake Outlet Dam.  Construction to finish the Outlet Dam improvements is anticipated during winter of 2023/2024.


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