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Last month, we lost one of the Lake's most engaged, contributive.

and spirited residents. John Minnick was a larger than life

personality who fell in love with Priest Lake over 40 years ago

when he enthusiastically purchased and developed what came to

be known as his 'Happy Place.' From that moment on, he totally

immersed himself in the Lake culture as an amiable ambassador

of goodwill, mindful steward of the lake's natural resources,

conscientious patron of area businesses and service providers

always preferring to buy local, and generously spreading his

unrelentless 'good neighbor' energy. John was forever reaching

out to lend a helping hand when needed and was always alert to

issues in need of immediate attention, like fallen power lines and

trees, docks that had broken loose and were either underway or unceremoniously beached, weather-related property damage, and the recovery of numerous water toys that were found adrift.

Even as property ownership and other aspects of the Lake

Community changed through the years, John's disposition and

way of interacting remained consistent. He was fully invested in

perpetuating his "good neighbor" policy in support of

traditional Priest Lake values, hoping to inspire others to do the


Just short of his 41st cabin opening, John succumbed to

Pancreatic Cancer, a disease he had courageously kept at bay for

four years. He is survived by his wife, Christy - his soulmate, life

partner, and support system of nearly 30 years. I know I speak

for all who have come to know and appreciate John that we are

all better off for him having come our way.

Tom & Kathleen Trotter

Former Priest Lake Residents


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