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SPOKESMAN REVIEW Ken Hagman and Allan Songstad: Idaho Fish and Game’s Priest Lake siphon plan prompts some not-so-unexpected opposition

Sun., Sept. 11, 2022

An article in The Spokesman-Review by Eli Francovich (Aug. 28) stated that the Idaho Fish and Game’s proposal for installing a cold water siphon in Priest Lake was meeting “unexpected opposition” by the Priest Lake community. However, judging by the continued outcry of many hundreds of concerned people having ties to the Lake, the opposition is anything but “unexpected.” In fact, since Fish and Game first introduced its proposal over four years ago, many people have been working to bring awareness to the myriad reasons why we should all be alarmed about the potential for undesirable consequences of disturbing our pristine lake. Many of us feel that Fish and Game simply does not want to hear these very real concerns.


The forefront of our opposition is being led by the members of Stop the Priest Lake Siphon, a broad-based advocacy group of Priest Lake stakeholders.

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