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Priest Lake Outlet Dam operations to fill Priest Lake

April 23, 2024 - May is fast-approaching, and operations are underway to bring the lake level up to the summer recreation level.  As of today, the lake level is at 1.6 feet. IDWR staff members continue to watch two SNOTEL sites, Bunchgrass Meadow and Hidden Lake, both at an elevation of about 5000 feet.  Much of the snow at lower elevations has already melted, and staff will monitor the Snotel sites to react to any sudden influxes of high-elevation runoff into the lake.     Here are links to the two SNOTEL sites: Bunchgrass Meadow:  AWS Plot ( Hidden Lake:  AWS Plot (  Hydrologists are predicting a warmer-than-average and dryer-than-average summer.  Accordingly, the Department will aim to stabilize the lake level to 3 feet before Memorial Day and to 3.4 feet in the early portion of the recreation season. 

Photo ©Pecky Cox

The summer recreation level of Priest Lake is around 2,437.70 feet above sea level..


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