February 2021

Priest Lake Breakwater & Thorofare Project Construction Summary

As Priest Lake stabilized at winter pool, the contractors mobilized around the Thorofare and Sandpiper Shores community in late October, 2020, and moved into the construction zone in early November. The shifting sands of the Thorofare had flooded the shoreline area, making a challenge to construct the access road for minimal disturbance. Erecting a channel diversion out through an existing breached channel, the wooden breakwater was removed while channel dredging commenced concurrently about Thanksgiving.

A temporary bridge was constructed across the realigned channel and in early December stone began to be placed for the new breakwater. The weather generally cooperated and work progressed rapidly, so that by Christmas dredging was complete and the new stone breakwater was mostly in place. In early January, the natural sand connection was being constructed onto the Forest Service spit on the Beaver Creek side. By the end of January, the contractor was removing construction materials and returning the Thorofare to boater accessibility.

Enjoy your next trip to the Upper Lake!

Steve Klatt, Project Coordinator

Bonner County Recreation PHOTO Selkirk Aerial Photography