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A commotion arises; So filters through the pines— A sense of urgency, panic, pain.

Four frantic children yell at their dogs; A ten-year-old holds one back. Spaniels after an injured bird.


torn, flesh exposed, leg broken, The woodpecker is badly injured. Attacked earlier by a raven or another animal,An elderly bird near journey’s end.

Two neighbors arrive and set calm to the mayhem. The retired logger speaks softly to the children, Tells them to leave the bird alone—in peace— That it will die by nightfall.

He would end the bird’s misery if a younger man. Nearly eighty, he senses a kindred spirit; They are both old and travel similar paths. He sees himself in its eyes, lacks the heart to end its life.

The second neighbor is young, has yet to face his mortality. He has a kind spirit and comforts the bird, Transfers him to an old blanket in a darkened shed Where the woodpecker rests—in peace.

Once proud and stately, climbing the tallest trees, Reduced now to an immobile heap of feathers. By late evening he is gone, Buried in the garden beneath his favorite tree. -Terry Robinson ------------------------------------------------------- Priest Lake Lovers is available now on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats. Head to Amazon now and select the Kindle version for a free preview!

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