Photo Shawn Williams Greetings Pend Oreille Basin residents,

The Lakes Commission has partnered with Idaho Department of Water Resources(IDWR) to hold an informational meeting in Sandpoint Thurs April 28th @ 6pm.

UPDATE on meeting Greetings, During meeting we lost internet connection, so for those of you attending via Zoom, please accept our apologies. Fortunately, a reporter with the Daily Bee was in attendance and provided us with an audio recording. You can find that recording along with IDWR's PowerPoint presentation on our website under MEETINGS. Also, keep in mind that IDWR will be hosting claims filing workshops May 3-5th all day, each day, at the Ponderay Event Center. For more information on Idaho's Water Adjudication process. https://idwr.idaho.gov/water-rights/adjudication/ Best,

Molly McCahon Lakes Commission Executive Director They will also be hosting Workshops May 3-5 at the Ponderay Event Center from 8am to 6pm.